I know there are Tootsie Rolls in here somewhere!

That is totally my generic-yet-familiar name, and this is my logo. I go by some form of this name EVERYWHERE (seriously--try it! If you can't find me, drop the underscore).

I do and make stuff, and sometimes it's even interesting! Nah, seriously--I'm a cosplayer, a crafter of whatever strikes my fancy, and a Homestuck/Sollux/Psiioniic fan (amongst many other things). I also love hugs, bacon, and cats.

I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to ask me stuff about things--I don't bite! In fact, I'm more likely to dive under a table than attack.

I have two cats slowly chipping away at my sanity with their cuteness, and a loving husband who is less sane than I am (we're all crazy here).

(Awesome art by Osi @ digitallyimpaired.tumblr.com!)

Maybe I'll find something to actually dedicate this blog to, but for now, I'm just gonna hang around and figure out how tumblr works...

Grubs & Dolls FAQ
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How to Catch a Grubkat

(You need lots of Skittles!)  Or a cookie… 

To my followers: I know I’ve been posting pics of this little guy all week, but he’s finally done, and totes adorable, and so this is the last of the grubkat pic spam—I promise! (I just wanted to get a photoshoot set in before I shipped him off.)

Grubkat plush based off Ask the Wigglers! 

Handmade by yours truly, including the hair!  (I did take progress pics on styling the hair and making the armature this time, so hopefully I’ll get a tutorial up soon.)

Pattern (except hair/horns)from Rayaya on DevArt

FAQ on my techniques/materials here, and I’m uploading these pics to my devArt right after this post is up.  

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