I know there are Tootsie Rolls in here somewhere!

That is totally my generic-yet-familiar name, and this is my logo. I go by some form of this name EVERYWHERE (seriously--try it! If you can't find me, drop the underscore).

I do and make stuff, and sometimes it's even interesting! Nah, seriously--I'm a cosplayer, a crafter of whatever strikes my fancy, and a Homestuck/Sollux/Psiioniic fan (amongst many other things). I also love hugs, bacon, and cats.

I'm really friendly, so don't be afraid to ask me stuff about things--I don't bite! In fact, I'm more likely to dive under a table than attack.

I have two cats slowly chipping away at my sanity with their cuteness, and a loving husband who is less sane than I am (we're all crazy here).

(Awesome art by Osi @ digitallyimpaired.tumblr.com!)

Maybe I'll find something to actually dedicate this blog to, but for now, I'm just gonna hang around and figure out how tumblr works...

Grubs & Dolls FAQ

I thought I’d uploaded this photo with the others, but then I remembered I wanted to blur out the logo on the building (fuck yeah MS Paint).

It shows off the road rash, the surgical scar on the eye, and the ports I put in that side of my skinsuit. I want to put in a bit more inflammation around the metal—I might be able to pull it off with eyeshadow on semi-dry fabric paint blended with latex… maybe… ::shrugs::

I’ll just wing it…

…and maybe one of these days I’ll get those sabretooth fangs to protrude from my mouth the right way without them looking doofy!

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